Soil and Groundwater Remediation
Once an on-site investigation is completed to determine the extent of contamination, remediation can begin. Along with a well trained field staff, we also own our own equipment from backhoes to front-end loaders to dump trucks.

Injection is a process in which a liquid material is pumped into the subsurface using drill rigs to place a desired amount of fluid at a desired depth and pressure. There are a variety of injection products to choose from whether it be ORC®, HRC®, Molasses, EOS® or Cheese Whey. Each product has a different effect and targets different contaminants. While injections may be more costly and results are longer achieved, it has it's advantages as it covers a larger area and results in less of a disturbance to the environment.

If you would like to learn more about injection options and how it can be used in your next injection project, please contact our office and ask for Tom Sweet.
Engineering, Design and Construction Services
Moraine performs environmental remediation of soil and property contamination through excavation or a combination of other remedial services as site conditions permit. Services include project management and proper documentation, permitting, manifesting and transport, bioremediation at a local landfill, confirmation sampling, backfilling the excavated material and compaction of the filled material if necessary.
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